Lab Consultation

Harmonic Lab Solutions will offer services to burgeoning biotechnology companies in need of logistical planning. HLS can offer expertise in the area of laboratory setup, taking into consideration a number of factors.

  • Lab space efficiency will be assessed in order to optimize the usage of the available space. Equipment location, bench space, and inventory location will be considered. Wet lab and behavioral research needs will also be considered, based on company needs. Recommendations will be made to increase efficiency.
  • Equipment will be assessed to determine efficiency and need. Risk of failure will be assessed and compared to cost of newer, more efficient equipment. Custom equipment will be assessed from an engineering and scientific standpoint (both existing automation and designs for newer pieces of equipment). Recommendations will be made to increase efficiency.
  • Office space will be assessed in order to optimize usage of available space. Recommendations will be made to increase efficiency at each station/office/cubicle.
  • If space has not been identified, HLS will help to find a location that will suit the needs of the client, taking growth projections and budgetary limitations into consideration.

Scientific Strategy

  • Staffing will be considered to reduce unnecessary expenses.
  • Equipment will be recommended that can reduce overhead expenses while increasing productivity. A variety of venders will be considered to ensure that our clients enjoy the best possible scenario.
  • HLS will also offer to edit scientific papers for content and grammar.

Business Strategy

  • HLS will offer to formulate and edit business plans. HLS will also offer to make recommendations on formatting and strategy.
  • HLS will work with clients on developing budget sheets to reduce costs, yet provide a realistic burn rate.
Other services
  • Biobanking consultation
  • Relocation strategies

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